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伊维菌素 Ivermectin
性 状:本品为白色或浅黄色粉末
用 途:本品为抗生素类药物,对线虫、昆虫和螨均有驱杀活性,用本品制成的制剂片剂主要用于治疗家禽的胃肠线虫病、牛皮蝇蛆、羊鼻蝇蛆、羊痒螨和猪、羊疥螨病.另外,还可以治疗节肢寄生虫(线虫类如蛔虫,和肺线虫)该药突出特点是:副作用小,一次用药同时驱杀体内体外多种寄生虫.。
Appearance : white or almost white powder.
Use:The product is an antibiotic agent, which is active against nematodes ,insects and mites .Injection and tablet made from the product are active against gastrointestinal nematodes ,hyproderma bovis ,hyproderma lineatum,sheep nose bot, psoroptes ovis, sarcoptes scabiei var suis ,sarcoptes ovis and the like ,In addition,it is indicated for the treatment of endoparasites(nematodes such as round worms and lungworms).The product may be formulated as an insecticide and miticide used in agriculture ,which is efficacious against mites,diamondback worm, common cabbage worm, leafminers , psylla ,nematodes and the like .Its main characteristics are as follows: it is efficacious against endo-and ecto-parasites only used once.

CAS number:70288-86-7
molecular formula:C48H74O14

molecular weight:875.10
Standard: EP2002/CPV2005

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