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Nandrolone Phenylpropionate, Buy Nandrolone Phenylpropionate

Each ml. contains: Nandrolone Phenylpropionate B.P. 100 mg.; Benzyl Alcohol I.P. 0.05 ml.; isopyl Alcohol I.P. 0.2 ml.; Arachis Oil I.P. q.s.


As directed by the Physician.Multiple dose vial. Protect from light. For I.M. use only. Not to be refrigerated.

Dubol is a long acting anabolic preparation containing Nandrolone Phenypropionate.

Dubol promotes protein anabolism and also provides beneficial effects in senile osteoporosis. It improves general conditions in debilitated and convalescing patients and shortens recovery time. It improves appetite and provides a general sense of being in convalescent patients. Metabolic studies have shown positive effects on protein metabolism, nitrogen saving effects and anti catabolic action. A decrease in urinary calcium has been reported in cases of increased calceamia.

Nandrolone Phenypropionate is long acting oily preparation which releases the drug slowly after intramuscular administration. This leads to prolonged duration of action and infrequent dosage schedule.


Tissue building and repair before and after surgery, after severe injures and burns, after severe infectious diseases, osteoporosis, acute and chronic renal insufficiency, mammary carcinoma, aplastic anaemia, refractory anaemia and hemolytic anaemia, general debility, malnutrition, poor weight gain and in geriatric conditions.

Contradictions: Pregnancy, prostatic carcinoma or mammary carcinoma in males.


For an optimal therapeutic effect, adequate amount of proteins, vitamins and minerals should be administered in a calorie rich diet. Recommended doses should not be exceeded. If signs of virilistation develop, discontinuation of the treatment should be considered.

Patients with following conditions should be monitored. Latent or overt cardiac failure, renal dysfunction, hypertension, epilepsy or migraine, diabetes or latent diabetes, mammary carcinoma and metastasis.

Dosage: As directed by Physician.

Side effects:

Dubol has a relatively week androgenic effect. Virilisation of foetus may occur if used during pregnancy. Prolonged treatment with high doses in prepuberty in children may cause closure of epiphyses. Unlike 17-alpha Alkyl substituted steroids, is not associated increases risk of liver damage.