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盐酸帕罗西汀 Paroxetine Hcl
性 状:白色或类白色结晶性粉末,无臭、味微苦。易溶于甲醇,在乙醇中溶解,在水中微溶
用 途:
本品为一种新型的抗抑郁药物,可用于各种类型的抑郁症。通过竞争性抑制神经元突触前膜对 5-羟色胺的再摄取而发挥药效,后者在突触间隙的蓄积,有利于5-羟色胺能神经的冲动传递。选择性较氟西汀、舍曲林或氯丙咪嗪强。本品无镇静作用,正常剂量对心率、血压无影响。对胆碱能、组胺或肾上腺能受体的亲合力低,抗胆碱性、心血管不良反应小于三环类抗抑郁剂。无认知功能或精神运动性障碍。短期或长期治疗血液学、生物化学和泌尿系统参数,无特殊的改变
Appearance:white or almost white crystalline powder, not smelly and a little bitter.
use: Paroxetine is new antidepressant and indicated for the treatment of various major depressive disorder. The efficacy of paroxetine is to be linked to potentiation of serotonergic activity in the central nervous system resulting from competitive inhibition of neuronal presynapse membrane reuptake of 5- hydroxylamine and cause the accumulation of the latter in synaptic cleft, help the impulsion transmission of 5-hydroxylamine to nerve. The selective is higher than fluxetin, sertraline and clomipramine. Paroxetine is not sedative actions. Normal dosage has no affect on heart rate and blood pressure. Paroxetine has very low affinity for cholinergic, histamine or adrenergic receptors. Adverse event in anti-cholin and cardiovascular is lower than tricyclic antidepressant desipramine. It did not produce impairment of intellectual function or psychomotor performance. The acute and chronic treatment was unchanged specifically in parameter of haematology, biochemistry and urogenital.
CAS number: 78246-49-8
molecular formula:C19H21ClFNO3

molecular weight:365.83
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