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Testosterone Propionate, Buy Testosterone Propionate

Testosterone is the main male sex hormone and a steroid from androgenic group.There are different esters of this hormone as well, such as: propionate, cypionate, enanthate, etc. These esters, in their turn, have different form of using: injections, tabs, etc. and are quite effective drugs for they who want strength and muscle mass gain.

Testosterone propionate is an oil – based injectable medicine. The propionate elements which were added help to increase the effect of the Testosterone in comparison with the other esters cypionate and enanthate.

To compare a little these types of medicine, let’s speak about that that testosterone propionate is injected every 3rd day in order to keep constant the blood levels, but enanthate and cypionate are injected weekly.

Testosterone propionate has also one good side. Its androgenic side effect is seemed felt less than with other types.

Thanks to the fact that it maintain the blood levels steady, those who used this medicine reports good effects in bodies:

-lower water retention of water;
-less gyno trouble;
- the users feel themselves better and harder.

But there is the other side, after all good words saying about it, Testosterone propionate remains a testosterone and has also side effects.