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The highest Good is like that of water, the purple air comes from the East.

Good East Pharmaceutical Technology Yangzhou Co.,Ltd is a professional Pharmaceutical company specialized in the manufacturing and R&D of API & Intermediates, Contract Manufacturing, Custom Synthesis, and International Trading business as well. We also provide service for R&D, application and registration of new medical products, and technology transfer, new medicine development commissioning and manufacturing technology reform of pharmaceutical manufacturers. We mainly focus on new medical products, such as products newly coming into the market. We also provide outsourcing service for customized synthesis, pharmacological and toxicological experiments of medicine.

Good East Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. is an affiliated company of Yangzhou Wandong Medical Co., Ltd. which was founded in 2001 based on Guotai Latex Products Factory. Wandong Medical mainly engages in medical equipment, while Good East provides service for pharmaceutical research and development. Both companies want to make their own contribution to the human health course.

The name Good East comes from the legendary Taoist philosopher Laozi’s dictum: “The highest good is like that of water, and the purple air comes from the east”.

The highest good is like that of water, because water excels in benefiting the myriad creatures without contending with them and settles where none would like to be. Just like water, the company would like to make its contribution to the society without contending for unjustified fame or enrichment. And also like water, the company is resilient. Even in the worst situations, we would insist on our ideals and do good to the society.
Water is tolerant. The company has great foresight and adapt to all kinds of situations.
Water is crystal. The company is honest and trustworthy to both its employees and clients.

A good company is like a good person. I want my employees, clients, suppliers and the whole society to acknowledge, accept and trust our company just like they trust me. -----Mr. Wan Li

The purple air comes from the east. According to legend, just before Laozi passed by the Hangu Pass, the Pass official saw purple air coming from the east, thus he knew a saint was coming. Since then, purple air has been considered as sign for good luck. Like purple air, the company wants to bring good luck to all the friends. By providing best products and services, the company would make all its friends benefit from cooperation.

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